Hogan Mathematics Award

Walter Edwin Hogan

The Hogan Mathematics Award is presented in honor of the late Dr. Walter Edwin Hogan, to the senior mathematics major with high achievement in upper-level mathematics courses and with active participation in department activities.

Dr. Hogan was born in Izard County, Arkansas in 1872 and received a somewhat haphazard education in whatever schools were available in the general area. He was determined to receive a college education and entered Hendrix College in 1893, graduating with a B.A. degree in 1897.

For three years, he taught and recruited students for Sloan Hendrix Academy in Imboden, Arkansas, and did graduate work at the University of Chicago. In 1900 he returned to Hendrix as Professor of Mathematics and German.

In 1910 he was called to Nashville, Tennessee, to become Assistant Secretary of the Board of Education of The Methodist Episcopal Church, South. In the church merger of 1938-40, he became Treasurer of the Board of Education of the Methodist Church, retiring in 1944.

He received a Masters of Arts Degree from George Peabody College in 1917 and was awarded an honorary Doctorate by Hendrix in 1932. His wife, Mary Young Hogan, attended both Galloway and Hendrix. They were married by Dr. A.C. Millar, former President of Hendrix.

Throughout his life, which ended in 1949, Dr. Hogan never lost his love for, nor interest in, Hendrix College. The Hogan Mathematics Award was established in 1913 and is awarded yearly.


2014Kaleigh Clary
Grace Trees
2013Innocent Bushayija
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2012Hannah Flatau
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2011Dana Callaway
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1959Roger Wightman Mitchell
1958Richard Dowell Byrd
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1956Robert Benton Nelson
1955Mansel Hillard Baker
1954John Ralph Reed
1953William Enoch Wilson
1952John Ralph Reed
1951Martha Rilley
1950Elizabeth Ann Terrell
1949Richard Dixon Worley
1948Donald Alan Gorsline
1947Donald Alan Gorsline
1946Jean Frances
1945Irma Ann Ward
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1943Alfred Byron Nimocks, Jr.
1942Walter Wilson Hoy
1941Donald Earl Robinson
1940Katherine Frances Cahill
1939Iva Lee Henry
1938Virginia Anne Rice
1937Napoleon Montgomery Smith
1936Juanita Griffin
1935William Francis Long
1934George Pickard McKnight
1933Thomas McKinnie Sanders
1932John Wayne Daugherty
1931Pearl Hughes
1930James Lesley Hale
1929Samuel Isaac Bratton
1928Robert Foster Young
1927Robert Morris Short
1926Edna Bryant
1925Thomas Gwyn Bratton
1924Oris E. McCullough
1923Charles Fay Bratton
1922Margaret Pittman
1921Ralph McDonald
1920Lillian Brooksher House
1919James Frank Clark
1918Ildrem Powers Daniel
1917Edley Wainright Martin
1916James Martin Hill
1915Walter Anderson Hearn
1914Benjamin O. Womble
1913Willie Reason Stephens

T.H. Ware Mathematics Award

The T.H. Ware Mathematics Award predates the Hogan Award and was named for Rev. T.H. Ware. Rev. Ware was a financial agent (today's term might be development officer) for the college in 1892-93. He served on the Board of Trustees for 23 years.

1898C.N. Clark
1899J.B. Greeson
1900G. Murphy
1901W.L. Oliver
1902S.S. Jefferies
1903R.E. Holloway
1904S. Kirkpatrick
1906J.A. Youngblood
1908C.H. Nelson
1910W.P. Davidson
1911W.E. Laseter
1912J.R. Burton