Arkansas Collegiate Programming Contest

Acxiom Corporation regularly hosts a programming contest each spring for colleges in Arkansas.

'141st of 15 Connor Bell, Theogene Bucuti, Brandon McNew 5 of 9
11th of 15 Sam Brian, Rebecca Perez, Bryan Urban 3
(unranked) J D Hoglan, John McAvey, Andrei Ndindabahizi 2
'139th of 15 Theogene Bucuti, Kaleigh Clary, Brandon McNew 3 of 7
'126th of 13 Kaleigh Clary, Jack Sudyka 4 of 7
8th Grace Dubiskas, Alex Koeppel 2
'11no contest held
'102nd of 18 Domingo Galdos, Brett Geren, Whitney Maguffee 6 of 9
'096th of 18 Don Bennett, Brett Geren, Whitney Maguffee 5 of 8
7th Matt Demmler, Winn Haynes, Katie Wright 5
'08 Don Bennett, Colby Christopher, Joseph Utecht 2 solved
'073rd Ian Hill, Henry Phillips, Eric Robbins 5 of 10
7th Don Bennett, Colby Christopher, Daniel Levy 4
'065th Thomas Przybylinski, Eric Robbins, Colin Williams
Alvin Grissom, Ian Hill, Russel Reed
'053rd Neil Bledsoe, Ian Hill, Colin Williams
Jonathan Crosmer, Alvin Grissom, Thomas Przybylinski
'04 William Autrey, Zach Collins, Joseph Elliott
Alvin Grissom, Geri Headrick, Colin Williams
'03(Hendrix did not participate this year.)
'02 Jed Daily, Craig Falls, Josh Karlin
Patrick Cowan, James Horey, Don Porter
'01 Scott Bell, Anthony Nguyen, Aaron Tolman
'00 Scott Bell, Matthew Hall, T.J. Hanning
'99 Justin Hagemeier, Jeff Hopkins, John Hubbard
'98 Shane Covington, Marty Eckles, Seth Harder

(The oldest records are from 1998. We do not know about participation previous to this.)