CCSC:MS Programming Contest

Each spring, the Mid-South CCSC regional conference holds an affiliated programming contest.

'151st of 18 Connor Bell, J.D. Hoglan, John McAvey 6 of 7
6th Rebecca Perez, Bryan Urban, Andrei Ndindabahizi 3
'141st of 19 Connor Bell, Theogene Bucuti, Brandon McNew 6 of 7
9th Sam Brian, Rebecca Perez, Bryan Urban 5
14th J.D. Hoglan, John McAvey, Andrei Ndindabahizi 3
'139th of 14 Theogene Bucuti, Kaleigh Clary, Brandon McNew 4 of 7
'123rd of 14 Riley Capshaw, Grace Dubiskas, Alex Koeppel 6 of 7
10th Kaleigh Clary, Becca Emrick, Jack Sudyka 3
'117th of 21 Rebecca Emrick, Brett Geren, Jack Sudyka 5 of 7
10th Kaleigh Clary, John Huffman, Whitney Maguffee 5
14th Jeffrey Biles, Riley Capshaw, Alex Koeppel 4
'105th of 17 Riley Capshaw, Alex Koeppel, Jack Sudyka 4 of 7
6th Brett Geren, Winn Haynes, Whitney Maguffee 4
7th Matt Demmler, Tony Johnson, Claire Luikart 4
15th Becca Emrick, Domingo Galdos, Malcolm McCrimmon 2
'091st of 22 Don Bennett, Colby Christopher, Joseph Utecht 5 of 7
3rd Brett Geren, Alex Koeppel, Whitney Maguffee 4
6th Matt Demmler, Claire Luikart, Katie Wright 3
'083rd of 19 Colby Christopher, Daniel Levy, Eric Robbins 3 of 6
9th Don Bennett, Henry Phillips, Joseph Utecht 2
14th Brett Geren, Winn Haynes, Whitney Maguffee 1

(Hendrix did not participate previous to 2008.)