Computer Science Major

A student may double major in Mathematics and Computer Science or major in one discipline and minor in the other.

Each senior computer science major must also enroll in the year long CSCI 497 Senior Seminar. Students majoring both in mathematics and in computer science should enroll in CSCI 497 one semester and MATH 497 in the other.

Senior Capstone Experience

The Senior Capstone Experience for the computer science major consists of an undergraduate research portfolio and participation in two semesters of the Senior Seminar course. CSCI 497 Senior Seminar is a non-credit course that meets biweekly to guide students through the process of developing a senior undergraduate research project. The undergraduate research portfolio consists of the senior project and any other research projects completed by the student outside of regular course work. The grade for the Senior Capstone Experience is based on the portfolio and an oral presentation of the senior project.