Computer Science

Faculty: Ferrer, Goadrich, Yorgey

Hendrix College strives to provide the best undergraduate computer science program within our region of the United States. What are some distinctive things about the computer science program at Hendrix?

  • Students complete a wide variety of projects for learning about the state of the art, going beyond the textbook to reading research papers, designing and implementing software, and performing original research.

  • The faculty are consistently dedicated to outstanding teaching while maintaining an active program of scholarly work.

  • Our facilities feature a Linux laboratory, which is open throughout the week, 24×7. Even though students can often complete assignments at home, they often work in here where students can brainstorm with classmates about how to approach projects.

  • We have an active program of student activities. A particular highlight over the last several years has been a weekend trip to a regional computer science conference, where students attend research presentations, compete in a programming contest, and sometimes present research of their own.

  • Our graduates have consistently found that their experience in computer science prepares them well both for industry jobs (typically software development or information technology management) and for graduate study in computer science.