Faculty History

To simplify the presentation, the mathematics faculty are divided into two groups: those who taught five or more years, and those who taught fewer than five years. Often, those in the second group were hired into short-term contracts, while a regular professor was on sabbatical or doing administrative work.

Computer Science Faculty
1995–1996Robert Hasker, PhD(one-year position)
1996–2003Ali Kooshesh, PhD
2008–2010Derek Leonard, PhD(two-year position)
2004–2014Carl Burch, PhD
2007–2014W Dwayne Collins, PhD(moved from mathematics, 2007)
2002–nowGabriel Ferrer, PhD
2014–nowMark Goadrich, PhD

Mathematics Faculty (≥5 years)
1882–1887J P Coleman
1889–1894W A Crenshaw(also German)
1894–1899George C Millar(also French and German)
1900–1910Walter Edwin Hogan(also German)
1911–1937William Owen Wilson(also German)
1937–1966Harry Isler Lane, PhD
1958–1971Elizabeth McHenry
1970–1976Temple Harold Fay, PhD
1971–1976Tommy Kay Teague, PhD
1976–1981William Owen Murray, IV, PhD
1967–1985Cecil McDermott, EdD
1985–1992Silke H Allen
1976–2004Robert Eslinger, PhD(Associate Provost 1996–2003)
1982–2007W Dwayne Collins, PhD(moved to computer science, 2007)
1981–nowZe'ev Barel, PhD
1992–nowDavid Sutherland, PhD(Associate Provost 2003–now)
Lars Seme(one-year positions)
2000–nowDuff Campbell, PhD
2010–nowChris Camfield, PhD

Mathematics Faculty (≤4 years)
1889–1890C E Standlee(tutor)
1890–1891J H Reynolds(tutor)
1895–1896G T Rowe(also Greek)
1896–1897Walter Edwin Hogan
1898–1900W N Pittman
1899–1900N J Gantt(also Latin)
1901–1902Charles Edwin Armentrout(also English and Latin)
1903–1904Samuel Spillman Waters(also Latin)
1940–1941George M Robison, PhD
1956–1958Arthur Johnson(also biology 1955–1990)
1960–1964?Francis A Sharpton(also physics)
1964–1966?Alfred Richard Mitchell, PhD(also physics)
1966–1967John H Christy, PhD
1967–1971?Rodney Bell
1981–1982Charla R Faulkner
1983–1985Tina B Coffin
2001–2002Chris Mouron, PhD(one-year position)
2002–2003Mehmet Dik, PhD(one-year position)
2004–2007Byungchul Cha, PhD(three-year position)
2007–2010Bill Wood, PhD(three-year position)

Mathematics Faculty at Galloway College
Galloway College was a Methodist women's college in Searcy, Arkansas, which was merged with Hendrix College in 1930, and the campus was closed in 1934. (The campus was sold to Harding College, which until then was in Morrilton, Arkansas.) Records are intermittent.
1890–1894Roberta K Borden(also English, Latin)
1893–1894Minnie Connevey(also German)
1896–1901Vergil Ryder
1902–1903A M Higulett
1903–1904Daisy Patterson(assistant)
1907–1909Josephine M Droke(assistant)
1903–1915Frances Scott Starks
1915–1924Ida M Knepper
1924–1930Berd Allen
1931–1933Dolph Camp

Mathematics Faculty at Henderson College
Henderson College was a Methodist men's college in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. It also was merged with Hendrix College and closed in 1929. The campus was sold to the state, which founded Henderson State Teachers College.
1890–1904G C Jones
1906–1908?Duncan A Williams
1907–1909James R Haygood
1909–1912Farrar C Newberry
1912–1918Carl C Gardner
1917–1918W W Weber
1914–1921?Cleve Cathey
1916–1928Mary Sue Mooney