Mathematics Faculty

Regular Faculty

Dr. Ze'ev Barel

Professor of Mathematics
PhD, Mathematics, Wesleyan U, 1981
At Hendrix since 1981

Office:MCReynolds 308
Office phone:501–450–1255

Dr. Chris Camfield

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
PhD, Mathematics, U of Cincinnati, 2008
At Hendrix since 2010

Office:MCReynolds 309
Office phone:501–450–3877

Dr. Camfield’s research includes analysis on metric spaces, geometric measure theory, and their applications in data and image analysis. He advises our math honor society, and coordinates student activities in the department. He has taught nearly every mathematics course while also helping the Education Department mentor aspiring secondary mathematics teachers.

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Dr. Duff Campbell

Department Chair, Professor of Mathematics
PhD, Mathematics, Boston U, 1997
At Hendrix since 2000

Office:MCReynolds 311
Office phone:501–450–1487

Dr. Campbell was trained as an algebraic number theorist, but enjoys all branches of mathematics. He has directed senior projects in Game Theory, Knot Theory, Applied Complex Analysis, Number Theory, Differential Equations and Abstract Algebra. Having taught nearly every mathematics course, his favorite courses are Differential Equations, Complex Analysis, Number Theory, and Multivariable Calculus.

Prof. Lars Seme

Instructor of Mathematics
MS, Applied Mathematics, U of Missouri—Rolla, 1997
At Hendrix since 2006

Office:MCReynolds 109
Office phone:501–450–1256

Prof Seme's background is mainly in topology and chaotic dynamical systems. His favorite courses to teach include Introduction to Advanced Mathematics (our “Intro to Mathematical Proofs” course) and Mathematics in Contemporary Issues, a course designed primarily for non-science majors.

Dr. David Sutherland

Professor of Mathematics, Associate Provost
PhD, Mathematics, North Texas State U, 1986
At Hendrix since 1992

Office:Academic Affairs Office
Office phone:501–450–1253

Dr. Sutherland's area of specialty is combinatorics, and student projects with him often involve graph automorphism groups of particular posets or lattices. He has been the faculty advisor for seven student publications in the PME Journal; four of those papers received Andree Awards for best papers.

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Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Hutian Liang

Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics
PhD, U of Oregon, 2010
At Hendrix since 2013

Office:MCReynolds 313
Office phone:501–450–1367

Ms. Jenny Nail

Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics
BBA, Southwestern Oklahoma State U, 2004
At Hendrix since 2007