26. 2003, Sewanee, date unknown

Keynote speaker: Anant Godbole, East Tennessee State Univ.: title unknown.

Dylan Burton, Hendrix: The History of American Mathematics Prior to 1875.

Dane Dormio, Hendrix: Are the Ratios of Primes Dense in R?.

Latham Fink, Rhodes: Self-Reference in Mathematical Logic: The Use of Paradox in Constructing Undecidability Proofs in Formal Theories.

Greg Garland, Sewanee: The Mathematics Behind the RSA Encryption/Decryption Algorithm.

Peter Horn, Hendrix: Bipolar Plots.

Jessica Hubbs, Rhodes: Symbolic Dynamics and Knot Projections.

Jonathan Hulgan, Rhodes: 3-colorability of Minimally Braced Rigid Grids.

Mike Kelley, Rhodes: Seymour's conjecture when k=5.

Robin Rotman, Sewanee: The Faustmann Model.

Michael Siler, Rhodes: The Solution to a Coin-Flipping Game.

27. 2004, Rhodes, Apr 2–3

Keynote speaker: Steven Brams, New York Univ.: Voter Sovereignty and Election Outcomes.

Billy Autry, Hendrix: Developing Image Processing Algorithms that Identify Corrosion in Aluminum.

Ivan Bogdanovic, Hendrix: Conformal mappings as applied to the Joukowski Airfoil.

Dylan Burton, Hendrix: A Brief History of Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art.

Erin Doyal, Hendrix: Two Treaties on Linear Perspective.

Chris Engels, Sewanee: Rapidly-Exploring Random Trees.

Jamie Eubanks, Rhodes: Ternary Voting Systems and Power Indices.

Peter Horn, Hendrix: Bipolar Plots.

M. Lum, J. Sheihk, J. Norfleet, and J. Spilman, Rhodes: BookTracker.

Adam Richardson, Rhodes: Hamiltonicity in the Twice-Punctured Hypercube.

Ryan Rollings, Hendrix: Representation Theory and Finite Field Theory.

Elizabeth Shroyer, Sewanee: Fractional Calculus.

Michael Siler, Rhodes: Analysis of a Two-Dimensional Coin Game.

28. 2005, Hendrix, Apr 1–2

Keynote speaker: Robert Devaney, Boston Univ.: Chaos Games and Fractal Images.

Zachary Collins, Hendrix: Identifying Tractable Planning Problems.

Jeremy Crosmer, Hendrix: Turtle Graphics.

Jonathan Crosmer, Hendrix: Automating Production of Musical Constructs.

Adam Isom, Rhodes: MAPSCI: Webserver for Multiple Protein Structure Alignment.

Bill Israel, Nick McCarney, and Adam Isom, Rhodes: Ender's Game Battle School: a 3D Game from Scratch.

Andrew Melo, Sewanee: Regular Expressions.

Michael Siler, Rhodes: Explosion points and indecomposable functions.

Eric Wilson, Sewanee: The Miller-Selfridge-Rabin Probabilistic Test for Primality.

29. 2006, Rhodes, Apr 21–22

Keynote speaker: Gary Gordan, Layfayette College: Drawing points in the plane: It's what's inside that counts.

Steven Ash and Brian Eason, Rhodes: “PhotoSynthesis” Computer Imaging Application.

Thomas Christie, Hendrix: Constructing Some Islamic Geometric Patterns.

Zachary Collins, Hendrix: Analyzing Video Games Using Limited Rationality.

Tobias O'Leary, Rhodes: A Computer Algorithm for Aligning Musical Variations.

Prashant Shukla, Sewanee: Economic interpretations of the Lagrangian.

Michael Siler, Rhodes: Explosion Points of Indecomposable Functions.

Greg Varner, Hendrix: An Examination of Two Chaotic Systems.

Colin Williams, Hendrix: NIFTY Verification Using Cleanroom Software Engineering.

30. 2007, Sewanee, Apr 20–21

Keynote speaker: John Swallow, Davidson Coll., HRS alum (Sewanee): Circular irrationalities: From Galois to Kummer and back again.

Edith Garrett, Rhodes: A statistical look at the language development of children that are deaf/hard of hearing in oral programs.

Ian Hill, Hendrix: Algorithms for Detecting Humans Using Motion Detection and Template Images.

Georgi Kapitanov, Sewanee: An Introduction to Ultrametric Spaces.

Jared Keahey, Hendrix: Localization for a Tricycle Gear Robot.

Russell Reed, Hendrix: Intelligent Manipulation of Video Game Audio.

Tony Schraml, Hendrix: Shuffles of Partially Ordered Sets.

Anna Weitnauer, Sewanee: Korovkin meets Weierstrass through Bernstein.