31. 2008, Rhodes, Apr 4–5

Keynote speaker: Bobby Bodenheimer, Vanderbilt Univ.: Computer Graphics and Future Directions in Computation.

Anna Casteen, Rhodes: Finding Orbifold Euler Characteristics.

Padraic Chisholm, Sewanee: Grobner Bases and the 3-Color Problem.

Whitney Duval, Rhodes: Winning Strategies on Variations of the Game Nim.

Derek Johnston and Lucy Shores, Rhodes: Distance Perception in Virtual Environments.

Jeanette Reyes, Hendrix: Chromatic Polynomials.

John Schulte, Rhodes: Julia Sets and Critical Values.

Bradford Taylor, Rhodes: Can all functions from ZpZp by represented by polynomials?.

Jennifer Thompson, Rhodes: The powers of numerical analysis to model real world phenomena.

Henry Wang, Hendrix: Constructing auxiliary functions in calculus proofs.

32. 2009, Hendrix, Apr 17–18

Keynote speaker: Kevin Hutson, Furman Univ., HRS alum (Hendrix '95): Journeys Down Short Paths.

Don Bennett, Hendrix: Four-Dimensional Tetris.

Brett Geren and Whitney Maguffee, Hendrix: Creating Fuzzy Logic Programs for Robot Controllers.

John Schulte, Rhodes: Cantor Sets of Julia Sets.

Christopher Schulze, Hendrix: Simulation and Comparison of Traffic Control Algorithms.

Annie Tracy, Sewanee: Mathematically Generated Fife Tunes.

Henry Wang, Hendrix: Discrete Complex Analysis on Triangular Graphs.

Justin Whorton, Hendrix: Adaptive Artificial Intelligence for the Game of Checkers.

33. 2010, Rhodes, Apr 16–17

Keynote speaker: Jeff Weeks, unaffiliated: The Shape of Space.

Ryan Carroll, Rhodes: Gamma-Euler-Satake Characteristics on 3-Orbifolds.

Jennifer Dusenberry, Sewanee: A Geometric Analysis of Election Outcomes.

Thu Le, Sewanee: A guessing game with a surprisingly trivial optimal strategy.

Will Longley, Hendrix: Constructions of Fractals of Specified Dimension.

Ryne Marksteiner, Rhodes: Clusters and Voter Influence in the United Nations General Assembly.

Eric Stradley, Rhodes: Social Networking and Student Retention: A Case Study.

SaraBeth Taylor, Rhodes: The Stable Marriage Algorithm.

Annie Tracy, Sewanee: The linear chromatic number of a graph.

Nick Volgas and Brian Yuan, Rhodes: Gestures In Intelligent Tutoring Systems.

Henry Wang, Hendrix: Riemann Hypothesis and p-adic Numbers.

34. 2011, Sewanee, Apr 8–9

Keynote speaker: Hugh Howards, Wake Forest Univ.: Knots in higher dimensions.

Josh Cape, Rhodes: Fibbing on the Putnam.

Brad Elsinger, Travis Sanders, and Gaines Yeilding, Birmingham-Southern: Markov's Monopoly.

Whitney Maguffee, Hendrix: P vs. NP: Proof Barriers.

Gilbert Ndayambaje, Hendrix: Basics Behind the Science of Hidden Information, Cryptography.

Ashley Nelson, Betsy Qualls, and Zac Stansell, Birmingham-Southern: Veto Power in a Weighted Voting System.

Nels Oscar, Sewanee: Algorithmic Music Composition.

Annie Tracy, Sewanee: N-Point, Win-by-k Games.

35. 2012, Rhodes, Apr 20–21

Keynote speaker: Vittorio Addona, Macalester Coll.: Censoring and Truncation: A “Survival” Guide.

Kaleigh Clary, Hendrix: A Comparison of Self-Organizing Map and Growing Neural Gas Network Performance in the Context of Handwriting Recognition.

Martha Cook, Sewanee: Ramsey Theory.

Carolyn Drobak, Rhodes: Modeling the Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis System with Dexamethasone Treatment.

Hannah Flatau, Hendrix: The Mathematics of the Mind: Godelian Incompleeness and a priori Physicalism.

Alex Koeppel, Hendrix: A System for the Identification of Speed Limit Signs.

Luke Kressin, Hendrix: The Properties of Border Strips on Ferrers Diagrams.

Chris Rose, Rhodes: The Movement of a Skyscraper and the Analysis of the Mathematics Behind It.

Kaetlin Taylor, Rhodes: Axiomatizing Paraconsistent Logic.

Sarah Thompson, Rhodes: Self Dual Matroids from Graphs: Further Research and Results.

Casey Wynn, Hendrix: Hypercyclic Operators in Hilbert Spaces.

David Yarbrough, Anthony Fizer, Nicolas Lagueruela, and Keven Stechler, Rhodes: Portable Navigation System Versus Paper Map Navigation Over Short Distances.