36. 2013, Hendrix, Apr 19–20

Keynote speaker: Mike Pinter, Belmont Univ.: Hats, Hamming and Hypercubes.

Innocent Bushayija, Hendrix: On The Gauss-Markov Theorem.

Matt Cappleman, Sewanee: The Mathematics of Optical Illusions.

Andrew Conner and Xuejiao Feng, Birmingham-Southern: Decomposing Polynomials by Composition of Functions.

Edward Fay, Birmingham-Southern: Practical Folding Solutions to the Fold-Cut Problem.

Lauren Irby, Hendrix: Paths Through Rectangular Lattice Points.

Meagan Mansfield, Rhodes: Modeling the Seasonality of influenza in the United States.

Christopher Meixell, Rhodes: An Incentives-Based Analysis of Bidding Rings in Auctions.

Michael Todd, Rhodes: A Non-Euclidean Geometrical Analysis of Music.

37. 2014, Rhodes, Apr 4–5

Keynote speaker: Renee Fister, Murray State Univ.: Can Math Cure Diseases?.

Matt Cappelman, Sewanee: A More In-Depth Computer Ranking of College Football Teams.

Devin Cochrane, Rhodes: Modelling the Zombie Apocalypse.

Gary DeClerk, Hendrix: Geometric Mean Value Properties.

Tung Hoang, Millsaps: Some Results on Path Locality of Completed Bipartite Graphs.

LeAnna Kent, Rhodes: Deciding to Move Off-Campus: An Analysis of Students' Academic Performance.

Taylor Morris, Sewanee: The Mathematics of the Chain Fountain.

Tripp Morson, Birmingham-Southern: A Two Pheromone Ant Foraging Model.

Shelby Scott, Rhodes: An agent-based model of Santa Cruz island foxes provides evidence of an Allee effect.

Grace Trees, Hendrix: Finding 10 a Friend.