1. 1978, Rhodes & Sewanee, Apr 18

Julie Anderson, Hendrix: Nonlinear Additive Functions.

Mark Burton, Hendrix: Generalized Lipschitz Criteria for First Order Differential Equations.

Joe Van Den Heuvel, Hendrix: On Additive Functions Being Linear.

Kay Moneyhun, Sewanee: A Problem in Geometrical Combinatorics.

Mike Sierchio, Sewanee: The Finite Element Method in Partial Differential Equations.

Lynn Willis, Sewanee: Hypergeometrics.

2. 1979, Rhodes, Apr 24

Bobby England, Rhodes: Multilinear Algebra.

Lisa Orton, Hendrix: Characterizations of Convex Sets.

Horace Sanders, Sewanee: An Excursion into Random Walks.

Cassandra Scrimshire, Hendrix: Computer Applications in Population Genetics.

David Sutherland, Hendrix: The Kernel of Laplace Transform.

Agnes Tuilo, Hendrix: Uniform Limits of Step Functions.

Jeff Turner, Sewanee: Applications of Compactness Theorem.

Gene Weber, Hendrix: The Symmetric Derivative.

John Wilson, Sewanee: Communications a la the Hamming Single-error Correcting Code.

3. 1980, Sewanee, Apr 21–22

Keynote speaker: Richard Arenstorf, Vanderbilt Univ.: Earth-Moon Bus Orbits: Periodic Solutions of the Restricted Three Body Problem.

Martha Cook, Sewanee: Where is the 2500th Digit From the Right of 10,000!?.

Sandra Cousins, Hendrix: Singular Functions.

Steffany Ellis, Sewanee: A Function that Can't be Seen to be Believed: Everywhere Continuous But Nowhere Differentiable.

Laura Hoglan, Sewanee: Solving Linear Equations by Taking Square Roots.

Dwayne Johnson, Hendrix: Optimum Time for Broadcasting.

Judy Smith, Vanderbilt Univ.: Groups of Units and Their Cyclic Decompositions.

David Sutherland, Hendrix: Mathematics in 19th Century Russia.

4. 1981, Hendrix, Apr 10–11

Keynote speaker: R. H. Bing, Univ. of Texas: Examples and Counter Examples.

Keynote speaker: Paul Halmos, Indiana Univ.: Some Problems I Couldn't Solve.

Keynote speaker: Burton F. Jones, Univ. of Colorado: Multiplicative Functions in Number Theory.

Keynote speaker: M. Z. Nashed, Univ. of Delaware: Glimpses into Optimization Theory.

Keynote speaker: John Neuberger, North Texas State Univ.: Differential Equations in Science and Mathematics.

Invited speaker: A. Amir-Moez, Texas Tech Univ.: How One Makes a Simple Idea Impressive.

Invited speaker: Drama Production, St. Olaf Coll.: Little Harmonic Labyrinth.

Kathy Alexander, Guilford: Leximorphic Sets.

Hassan Azima, Texas Tech. Univ.: A Pseudonorm and Hyperbolic Functions.

Jeff Bowels, Oklahoma: Some Considerations a Computer Frequency Forgets.

Julie Brinkworth, OSU: Bleed Air Contamination Analysis.

William Butterworth, Santa Clara: Applications of Topology to Logic.

John Campion, St. Olaf Coll.: What Kind of Basis Might a Module Have?.

L. Chism and S. Lucas, OSU: Trigonometry and Sound Waves.

Tim Corneison, Oklahoma: Pythagoras in a Box.

Elias Cosmas, OSU: Mathematical Analysis of Inflation.

Sandra Cousins, Hendrix: Infinite Composition.

Dale DeLaPorte, UAF: The Dynamics of Traffic Flow.

Margaret Devlin, Cardinal Stritch: Map Coloring: Planar and not so Planar Results.

Jean Ezell, Mississippi: Some Divisibility Properties of Binomial Coefficients.

Kevin Fox, Sewanee: Significant Features via Interval Arithmetic.

Annette Herz, Kearney St.: The Fibonacci Numbers.

Mark Heuser, Central Florida: Least Square Fittings of Distributions Using Non-linear Regression.

Scotty Hofer, Pan Am: A Model for the Numbers in 2^N.

Kevin Keating, Wash U: The Conjunction of Cayley Diagrams.

Paul Kraght, Harvey Mudd: Computer Arithmetic Algorithms.

Steven Lazorchak, S. Illinois: Sinusoidal Steady-State Analysis of Electrical Circuits using the Phasor Transform Method.

Mike Meyer, Oklahoma: Automata Theory for Mathematicians.

R. Moore and L. Restess, Salem: Right-Hand Derivatives Suffice.

Efton Park, Oklahoma: Solutions of Directional Differential Equations.

Conrad Plaut, Guilford: More on Derived Sets of Well Ordered Sets.

Miriam Ann Reilman, New Orleans: Cluster Analysis for Univariate Data.

Ravi Salgia, Loyola: Dirichlet Integrals and Their Applications.

Morteza Samiepour, Texas Tech. Univ.: Analytical and Synthetic Treatment of Envelopes.

Ben Schumacher, Hendrix: Exponential Calculus.

Stephen Semmes, Wash U: Symmetric Groups on Ordinals.

Edward Shpiz, Wash U: Lower Bounds for van der Waerden Numbers.

Carol Smith, Hendrix: Infinite Sums of Derivatives.

John Steeley, Guilford: Topologies on Collections of Subsets Generated by Families of Selection Maps.

David Sutherland, Hendrix: Nonlinear Derived Functions.

Rebecca Thomas, UAF: A Numerical Technique for the Solution of Integro-Differential Equations.

Sheri Thompson, OSU: Differential Equations and Flight Plans.

Lisa Townsley, Santa Clara: Applications of Set Theory and Topology to Economics.

Daren Wilson, Oakland: Fractional Arithmetic.

5. 1982, Rhodes*, Apr 28

Keynote speaker: Benny Rushing, Univ. of Utah: Topology: Pure and Applied.

Jerry Coker, Hendrix: Computer Simulation of a Markov Chain.

Steven Drewry, Sewanee: Inverse Limit Sequence.

Giles Lewis, Sewanee: Nonstandard Analysis.

James Mathes, Sewanee: The Primitive Roots in the Cyclotomic Field Q(rad(-3)).

Gray Moody, Rhodes: Game Trees and the Minimax Algorithm.

Ben Schumacher, Hendrix: Geodesics on Surfaces: A BASIC Approach.

Carol Smith, Hendrix: Lines in a Metric Space.