6. 1983, Sewanee, Apr 29

Keynote speaker: Billy Bryant, Vanderbilt Univ.: Issac Newton: The Man.

Karen Anderson, Hendrix: The Gamma Function and Log-Convexity.

Paul Butler, Sewanee: Arithmetic Functions.

Bianca Hearn, Hendrix: Continued Square Root.

Chris Marsh, Rhodes: Eulerian and Hamilton Graphs.

Sarah Robinson, Sewanee: Three-Dimensional Graphics Transformations.

Karen Shirley, Hendrix: Two Functional Identities Arising From Notational Ambiguities in Calculus.

Charles Yeomans, Sewanee: Pythagorean Triples in the Gaussian Integers.

7. 1984, Rhodes, May 4

Keynote speaker: Temple Fay, Univ. of Southern Mississippi: Asymptotes in Polar Coordinates.

Diane Crockett, Hendrix: Identities in Lie Rings and Lie Pseudo-rings.

James Golden, Rhodes: Symbolic Differentiation Using LISP.

Thomas Greer, Sewanee: Representation of Toroidal Surfaces on a Color Graphics Monitor.

Ben Marshall, Hendrix: Commutativity and Distributivity: Different Perspectives.

Tommy Ratliff, Rhodes: Games Trees and the C Programming Language.

Terri Wilhite, Rhodes: The Moore-Penrose Inverse.

Grey Williams, Hendrix: First and Second Moments of the Largest Part of a Partition.

8. 1985, Hendrix, Apr 26

Keynote speaker: Gordon Johnson, U. of Houston: Prediction of Solar Activity.

David Binger, Sewanee: Euler Tours and Hamilton Circuits.

Jim Hart, Hendrix: Applying Prime Factorizations: Amicable and Perfect Numbers.

Diana Hayes, Rhodes: Population Projection Matrices.

Tommy Ratliff, Rhodes: Principal Regular Sets.

Scott Roberts, Hendrix: A Characterization of a Class of Stone Algebras by Factorization Lattices.

Kevin Shirley, Hendrix: Game Theory and the Nuclear Arms Race.

Tammy Tucker, Hendrix: Mathematics: Agony or Ecstasy.

Jay Woolfson, Sewanee: A Tale of Two Squares.

9. 1986, Rhodes, date unknown

Keynote speaker: Robert Messer, Albion Coll.: Antoine's Necklace and the Amazing Cantor Set.

Invited speaker: S. Gadbois, Rhodes: Demonstration of TEX.

Karen Billings, Hendrix: A Method Of Defining Infinitesimals and Extending Functions.

Elizabeth Gibson, Rhodes: Matrix Inequalities from Graph Theory.

Jim Hart, Hendrix: On Amicable Numbers.

Bruce Hulsey, Hendrix: Error Correction with Linear Codes.

Steve Kretsch, Sewanee: The General Linear Model in the Less-Than-Full-Rank Case.

Terri Wilhite, Rhodes: Linear Systems and Exponentials of Operators.

10. 1987, Sewanee, Apr 24

Keynote speaker: John Neuberger, North Texas State Univ.: The Role of Computers in the Study of Differential Equations.

Invited speaker: C. Ross & J. Tassin, Sewanee: Examples of the Use of Spreadsheets in Mathematical and Scientific Computing.

Marla Beggs, Hendrix: Relative Sizes and Constructions of Graphs and their Line Graphs.

Lynn Dittrich, Sewanee: The Method of Least Squares: Less than meets the eye?.

Robert Libbey, Sewanee: A Tree of All Pythagorean Triples.

Robert Libbey, Sewanee: Optimization of a Precedence-Constrained Task Graph on a Hypercube.

Clay Mason, Sewanee: The Gauss-Seidel Method for Successive Approximations to Solve the Equation Ax=b.

Jodie Novak, Hendrix: A Survey of the Mathematics of the Poincare Conjecture.

Carol Parker, Hendrix: Eulerian and Hamiltonian Circuits in Graphs and Line Graphs.

Luann Phillips, Hendrix: Combination Results of Genetic Codes.

Kevin Rasch, Rhodes: Digital Circuit Design-Finding the Minimum Representation of a Boolean Function.

John Swallow, Sewanee: On A Palindrome-generating Process.

Michael Whelchel, Sewanee: Egyptian Fractions.