11. 1988, Rhodes, Apr 8

Keynote speaker: Mary Wardrop, Central Michigan Univ.: How Do New Problems Arise in Mathematics?.

Laurie Cuthbertson, Hendrix: Some Results for Chromatic and Associated Polynomials of Graphs.

Pat Dyer, Hendrix: A Solution to the 1988 Mathematical Modeling Contest Problem Of Loading Two Railroad Flatcars.

David Greeson, Rhodes: Periodic Solutions in a Time -Varying Predator-Pray Model.

Julie Huneycutt, Hendrix: Reduction of Order for Second Order Non-homogeneous Differential Equations.

Carol Parker, Hendrix: The Number of Words of Length N in a Ring Graph.

Cathy Robertson, Rhodes: On the Number of Self-inverse in Zn.

John Swallow, Sewanee: A Biologically Motivated Discussion on the Three-Species Competition Problem.

12. 1989, Hendrix, Apr 14

Keynote speaker: Joe Gallian, Univ. of Minnesota at Duluth: Traversing a Grid on a Torus.

M. Dalrymple and B. Brighton, Hendrix: Computational Optimization of the Mandelbrot Set using Multiple Personal Computers.

Kim Eberdt, Hendrix: Tree Automata in a Category.

Lewis Jones, Sewanee: Expansive Self-Homeomorphisms.

Sheri Jordan, Hendrix: The Domination Number and Domatic Number of Undirected Graphs.

Blaik Mathews, Rhodes: Neural Nets--An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.

Jermey Partin, Hendrix: Some Power Series Functions and Their Relations.

Robert Reid, Sewanee: A Problem in Sequences.

John Swallow, Sewanee: Persistence and Stability in Three Species Competition.

13. 1990, Rhodes, Apr 20

Keynote speaker: Frank Morgan, Williams Coll.: Crystals, Pivalic Acid and Minimal Surfaces.

Keynote speaker: Frank Morgan, Williams Coll.: Soap Films, Efficient Networks, and Undergraduate Research.

Lisa Bardon, Sewanee: Building an Interpreter in Scheme for Scheme.

Kim Beard, Hendrix: A Look at the Julia Sets of Specific Complex Maps.

Christie Creger, Hendrix: RNA Recovery: Applications to Combinatorics.

Steve Elkins, Hendrix: The Hat Problem Revisited.

Jason Greene, Rhodes: Strategies Concerning a Contest of Multiple Entities of Diverse Precision Launching Sharp Projectiles at Homeomorphic Images of 2-sphere Attached to a plane in R3.

J. Hester and S. Rine, Hendrix: Range Search Using 2-D Trees.

Mark Lancaster, Hendrix: Matrix Construction for Quaternions and Generalizations.

Leslie Levine, Rhodes: Constructing Hermitian and Normal Matrices with Specified Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors.

Blaik Mathews, Rhodes: Discovering Asymptotic Stability in a Predator-Prey System.

Blaik Mathews, Rhodes: Dithering and Edge-enhancement Algorithms.

Robert Reid, Sewanee: Dropping Normals to the Curve y=x^2.

Cathy Robertson, Rhodes: The Besicovitch Construction.

Paul Ryburn, Rhodes: Some Results in Ramsey Theory.

14. 1991, Sewanee, Apr 19–20

Keynote speaker: David Sutherland, Middle Tenn. St. Univ., HRS alum (Hendrix '81): Error Detecting Identification Codes.

David Assaf, Rhodes: The Amazing Logistics Bifurcation Diagram.

Nick Bennett, Sewanee: Inverse Perfect Numbers.

Matthew Dalby, Hendrix: Density of Edges in Generated Graphs.

Jason Greene, Rhodes: Differential-Difference Equations.

Bill Guerry, Sewanee: Sums of Two Squares in the Gaussian Integers.

Mark Lancaster, Hendrix: The Expected Dimension of a Vector Subspace.

Derek Singh, Rhodes: The Behavior of Orbits of Points under Newton's Method.

David Tenison, Hendrix: Iterations of Piecewise Linear Maps.

Trey White, Rhodes: Computer-Graphical Representations of Mobius Transformations.

Trey White, Rhodes: Scaling of Bit-Map Images.

15. 1992, Rhodes, Apr 24

Keynote speaker: Andrew Simoson, King Coll.: On the Miracle of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes.

Keynote speaker: Andrew Simoson, King Coll.: The Metamorphoses of Butterflies from Spiders and other Graph Operations.

David Assaf, Rhodes: An Analysis of nZ/mZ.

Catherine Billups, Sewanee: Should the Administration Forbid you to Park on the Central Campus? A Statistical Study of Parking at Sewanee.

Jason Crabb, Rhodes: Some Interesting Boxes.

Garry Estep, Middle Tenn. St. Univ.: Application of Infinite Series to Fractals.

Jae Lee, Middle Tenn. St. Univ.: Subgroups of Finite Abelian Groups.

Karen Meyerdirk, Hendrix: The Dynamics of Piecewise Linear Maps.

Sherri Nittolo, Middle Tenn. St. Univ.: Dynamics of Some Piecewise Linear Functions.

Nowlin Randolph, Sewanee: Periodicity Modulo k of Some Binomial Coefficients.

Dawn Woodard, Middle Tenn. St. Univ.: Automorphisms of Hasse Subgroup Diagrams.