16. 1993, Hendrix, Apr 23–24

Keynote speaker: Gary Sherman, Rose-Hulman Inst. of Tech.: Introducing… Cwatsets.

Pramod Acher, Rhodes: Two Variable Chebyshev Polynomials.

David Assaf, Rhodes: The Critical Point of the Mandelbrot Set.

Clint Edwards, Hendrix: Hexagonal Prisms in a Beehive.

Jared Grigsby, Hendrix: Counting types of Subsets of Lattices.

Jon Hester, Hendrix: Data Structures in the Implementation of the Huffman Algorithm.

Kevin Hutson, Hendrix: Observations Concerning x^y vs y^x.

Qingshan Luo, Sewanee: The Behavior of Individual Molecules in an Ideal Gas: A Study Using Random Walks.

Wade Satterfield, Hendrix: An Initial Value Problem Representation of a Hyperbolic Function.

Charles Schafer, Rhodes: A Cellular Automata Approach to Parsing Problems.

Derek Singh, Rhodes: A Study of Formalism in Data Base Programming Language Design.

Frank Zamarripa, UTSA: Data Compression Using Wavelets.

17. 1994, Rhodes, Apr 14

Keynote speaker: Richard Neidinger, Davidson Coll.: The Computational Power of Power Series.

Robert Bland, Hendrix: Cryptography: The Art of Secret Writing.

Chad Davidson, Rhodes: Knot Theory and the Jones Polynomial.

Carissa Hurst, Hendrix: Tableaux and Permutation with Schensted's Algorithm.

Kevin Hutson, Hendrix: Haar Wavelets and the Dilation Equation.

Don Keeney, Rhodes: Getting Lucky?.

Qingshan Luo, Sewanee: Fast Matrix Multiplication Stassen's Algorithm.

Nowlin Randolph, Sewanee: Coordinating Desargueisan and Pappian Planes.

Lars Seme, Hendrix: Controlling Chaos in the Lorenz Attractor.

John Steward, Hendrix: Diffusion and Chemical Communication.

Katherine Wakid, Sewanee: Arabic Mathematics: what was Happening while Europe was asleep in the Dark Ages.

Scott Wells, Rhodes: GUILD: A system for creating easily portable GUIs.

18. 1995, Sewanee, date unknown

Keynote speaker: Charles Yeomans, HRS alum (Sewanee '84): The Modern Approach to Diophantine Equations.

Pam Baugus, Rhodes: On Constructability.

Jac Cole, Hendrix: An Introduction to Elliptical Curves.

Rusty Frizzell, Hendrix: Computational Geometry and Plane Sweep Algorithms.

Weina Jiang, Sewanee: A Statistical Simulation of the Sewanee Bank.

Qingshan Luo, Sewanee: Probabilistic Approaches to the n-Queens Problem.

Travis Miller, Rhodes: On the Rigidity of the Sphere, part 1.

Mike Rosolino, Rhodes: Gambling with the Devil.

Van Savage, Rhodes: On the Rigidity of the Sphere, part 2.

Lars Seme, Hendrix: Automorphisms of Hasse Subgroup Diagrams for Cyclic and Dihedral Groups.

Donna Sword, Hendrix: Images and Inverse Images of Iterates of the Line Graph Operators.

19. 1996, Rhodes, Apr 12

Keynote speaker: Tommy Ratliff, St. Olaf Coll., HRS alum (Rhodes): Algebraic Topology, the Fundamental Group and Humidity.

Kostadin Basamakov, Sewanee: Searching for the Large Primes.

Jac Cole, Hendrix: Graphs and Groups of Subgroups.

Diana Hua, Hendrix: The Geometry of Origami.

David Lee, Hendrix: Development of Contest Ranking Schemes.

Travis Miller, Rhodes: n Squares and Division Algebras.

Jennifer Powell, Hendrix: Writing Hypertext Laboratory Exercises for Mathematics Classes.

Wade Satterfield, Hendrix: Explorations of Graceful Graphs.

Donna Sword, Hendrix: Images and Inverse Images of the Line Graph Operators.

Chip Thomas, Rhodes: The On-line Journal.

Ferebee Tunno, Rhodes: The Mathematics behind the Magic Cube.

Chris Willett, Sewanee: Galois Fields.

20. 1997, Hendrix, Apr 18–19

Keynote speaker: Tom Ingram, Univ. Missouri — Rolla: Concerning Maps of the Interval [0,1] with periodic points whose periods are powers of 2.

Matthew Cathey, Sewanee: Platonic Solids and Kepler's Solar System.

Jac Cole, Hendrix: Semigroups Determined by the Ranks of Certain C-Graphs.

Marty Eckles, Hendrix: Compiler Construction.

Marty Eckles, Hendrix: Efficient Computation of Cycle Equivalence Classes of Permutation Graphs.

Christopher Hammond, Sewanee: Dante's Mathematical Universe.

Diana Hua, Hendrix: Growth Models in the Economy.

Anne Katherine Jones, Sewanee: Knot Theory and Chemistry.

John Kacher, Hendrix: On Nested Polygons.

Amy Killebrew, Rhodes: A technique for finding sums of powers.

Brian Raines, Hendrix: The Dynamics of the Family of Tent Maps on [0,1].

Bambi Roberts, Rhodes: Floor Patterns for the Mathematically Inclined.

John Schafer, Rhodes: A Geographical Interface for the Compositional Wizard.

Gerry Tansey, Rhodes: About the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Sequence.