21. 1998, Rhodes, Apr 17–18

Keynote speaker: Doug Bullock, Boise State Univ.: Knot Classification: Practice and Theory.

Brian Alexander, Rhodes: The Mathematics of Digital Signatures.

Stephen Baumert, Hendrix: Honest Abe's Runs of Heads and Tails.

Laura Brandebura, Hendrix: Introduction to Wavelets and Multiresolutional Analysis.

Christopher Hammond, Sewanee: Uncommon Measure: Constructing a Nonmeasurable Set.

Seth Harder, Hendrix: Applications of Persistent Data Structures.

Anne Katherine Jones, Sewanee: Solving the Mercedes Knot Problem via Braid Theory.

Zach Kinlaw, Rhodes: The Secrets of Walking in Wonderland.

David Mankin, Rhodes: The Web Puppy: Intelligently Fetching your Newspaper.

Gerry Tansey, Rhodes: The Probability that two Random Integers are Relatively Prime.

22. 1999, Sewanee, Apr 16–17

Keynote speaker: Tom Mitchell, Carnegie Mellon Univ.: Mining the World Wide Web.

Ben Andrews, Hendrix: Perfect Graphs.

Jason Clendenin, Hendrix: Codewords and Adjacency matrices for Graphs.

Rayud Ghani, R or S: Text Classifications Using Error-Correcting Codes.

Jennifer Polk, R or S: The Partitions of Integers.

Katherina Probst, R or S: Recognizing the Language of a text using Huffman Encoding.

Danny Radhakrishnan, R or S: Location Classification using Naïve Bayesian Classifiers.

Michael Vick, Hendrix: Credit Card Error Detection.

23. 2000, Rhodes, Apr 14–15

Keynote speaker: Stan Wagon, Macalester Coll.: A Computational Approach to the Four-Color Theorem.

Clara Cheung, Rhodes: Representation of a Dictionary using Finite State Recognizer.

William Duncan, Sewanee: The Miller's Test: A Practical Approach to Primality Testing.

David Elder, Rhodes: Implicit Parallelism in Genetic Algorithms.

David Elder, Rhodes: Rook Equivalence of Ferrers Boards.

Ed Gerber, Sewanee: Grobner Bases, A Question of Ideals.

Ben Goodwin, Hendrix: Graph Automorphism Groups of the Bond Lattices of Trees and Forests.

K. Harper and A. Wells, Hendrix: Wavelets and Image Processing.

Robert Herring, Rhodes: Knowing is Half the Battle.

Yinan Huang, Rhodes: Flipping a Coin Over the Phone.

Katherina Probst, Sewanee: Using Automatic Recognition for Foreign Language Tutoring.

Aaron Rediker, Rhodes: Exploring the Converse to the Freshmen's Dream.

Burke White, Rhodes: The Spectra of Graph Products.

Ben Willson, Rhodes: A Recent Proof of Kuratowski's Graph Planarity Theorem.

Carrie Wright, Rhodes: The Odds of Even Up.

24. 2001, Hendrix, Apr 20–21

Keynote speaker: Carol Schumacher, Kenyon Coll., HRS alum (Hendrix '82): Surprises at Infinity: Self-similarity and Self-reference in Mathematics.

Ben Andrews, Hendrix: n-Person Duels Where n>2.

S. Bell, A. Nguyen, and A. Tolman, Hendrix: Multiplayer Distributed Games.

Dane Dormio, Hendrix: Analysis of the Subtangent.

Ben Goodwin, Hendrix: Cwatsets.

Tim Hofer, Hendrix: Using Hough Transformation to De-Skew Text Images.

Mike Kelley, Rhodes: Counting Connected Vertex-labelled Graphs.

David Rose, Sewanee: Fejer's Theorem: What You Didn't Learn About Fourier Series in your Physics Class.

Adrienne Wells, Hendrix: A Quantitative Analysis of Protein Localization Patterns.

Jared Williams, Hendrix: Using Qualitative Methods to Determine If a Differential Equation Blows Up In Finite Time.

25. 2002, Rhodes, Apr 20

Keynote speaker: Jack Graver, Syracuse Univ.: Counting on Frameworks.

Clara Cheung, Sewanee: The Creation of the "Intimacy Beggar".

Elizabeth Fite, Hendrix: Compression Schemes For Binary Images.

Robert Herring, Rhodes: Knowing is Half the Battle: Herring's Zero Knowledge Identification Protocol.

James Horey, Hendrix: An Introduction to Agent Oriented Programming: Decentralized IM'ing Systems for example.

Jessica Hubbs, Rhodes: The Infinitude of Primes Through Analysis and Topology.

Beth Purves, Rhodes: The Geometric Brownian Motion of Stock Prices.

Robin Rotman, Rhodes: Green's Theorem in Unexpected Places: Theory and Application of the Polar Planimeter.

Carrie Wright, Rhodes: The Composition of Hill Ciphers.