About the network

Hendrix College's Mathematics & Computer Science department maintains a network of Linux computers, completely independent of the primarily-Windows network managed by Information Technology. As of 2008, the laboratory computers run the Ubuntu distribution (8.04, aka Hardy Heron).

The servers use the CentOS distribution.

All computers on the network are on the third floor of MC Reynolds. It includes the following components:

  • Linux lab (MCRey 316): 14 computers and laser printer.

  • Hardware lab (MCRey 318): 3 computers and laser printer.

  • Each professor has an office computer running Windows connected to the Hendrix network. But under Windows the professors run VMWare, on which is installed Linux. The Linux installation is connected directly to the Linux network.
  • Server computers (5 - grendel, ozark, gilgamesh, enkidu, router).