Lab Policies

  1. The primary purpose of the laboratory is to enable students to complete course assignments. When no computers are available, students using computers for purposes other than completing assignments should yield their computers to others who need them to complete coursework.

  2. When there are other students working on their assignments, be respectful of their need for relative quiet.

  3. Do not remove the shared books from the laboratory.

  4. While you are welcome to discuss assignments, you should try to guard against academic dishonesty.
    • Do not show your work to other students unless explicitly permitted by your instructor or you are asking a student who you are sure has completed the work in question.
    • Do not look at other students' work without their permission.
    • When you print an assignment solution, pick up the printout promptly. Do not leave printouts of solutions lying about, even in the recycling bin or trashcan.

  5. Students are free to select their own background pictures and screensavers, but images should be appropriate to a professional environment. Especially, pictures of people who are scantily clad or otherwise portrayed in a suggestive manner can be construed as creating a ``hostile work environment'' under Hendrix's sexual harrassment policy. Such images are prohibited and subject to deletion without notice.