Faculty: Barel, Camfield, Campbell, Liang (adjunct), Nail (adjunct), Seme, Sutherland

Hendrix College strives to provide the best undergraduate mathematics program within our region of the United States. What are some distinctive things about the mathematics program at Hendrix?

  • The department has a long history of fostering undergraduate research. The centerpiece is the Senior Capstone Experience. Many students have also participated in research during the summer, both at Hendrix and at other universities.

  • Students regularly have the opportunity to travel and present their work at regional and national conferences in addition to the annual Hendrix-Rhodes-Sewanee Undergraduate Research Symposium.

  • The faculty are consistently dedicated to outstanding teaching while maintaining an active program of scholarly work. In addition to the regular lineup of courses, the annual Topics course has included in recent years Number Theory, Category Theory, Topology, Game Theory, and Computational Geometry.

  • Our facilities feature Windows and Linux laboratories, which are open throughout the week, 24×7. We also have a comfortable lounge where students frequently work with classmates on assignments and projects.

  • We have an active program of student activities including game nights, guest speakers, student presentations. Our graduates have consistently found that their experience in mathematics prepares them well for industry jobs, teaching positions, and graduate study.

  • Our students enjoy the variety of mathematics competitions we compete in annually, such as the Putnam Competition and the Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Competition. Not only do they enjoy it, but they have also been successful, winning the team-based Arkansas Undergraduate Mathematics Competition nearly every year since 2006 (except for a second-place finish in 2014).