Putnam Mathematical Competition

The Putnam Competitition is a problem-solving contest held in December each year at campuses around the United States. Students spend two three-hour sessions attempting to solve 12 mathematics problems. Each problem is graded on a scale of 0 to 10. While the maximum score is 120, most students earn a total of 0 points; a score of more than 20 is very good.

The Oklahoma-Arkansas Section of the Mathematical Association of America maintains a plaque, which lists each year's top scorer among its colleges. Each year, it is moved to the college of the most recent student.

1971J LawrenceOklahoma State University
1972W ClingerOklahoma Christian College
1973E BrickellOklahoma State University
1974D LeftwichOklahoma Christian College
1975Michael TiefenbackHendrix College
1976Michael TiefenbackHendrix College
1977G KöhlerUniversity of Oklahoma
1978R ChristoffersonOklahoma State University
1979E ParkUniversity of Oklahoma
1980G KöhlerUniversity of Oklahoma
1981E ParkUniversity of Oklahoma
1981T DuganOklahoma State University
1982G KuperbergOklahoma State University
1983S MillerUniversity of Arkansas
1984Scott RobertsHendrix College
1984R SearsHarding University
1985G ThackerHendrix College
1986Scott BurlesonHarding University
1987S DalalUniversity of Oklahoma
1988K SwearingenOklahoma State University
1989D Turner IIUniversity of Central Arkansas
1990C LomontOral Roberts University
1991C CurtisUniversity of Oklahoma
1992M OberleOklahoma State University
1993B BolingerUniversity of Arkansas
1994C BurchUniversity of Oklahoma
1995K WichertOklahoma State University
1996J WhitworthOklahoma State University
1997Jerry MooreOklahoma State University
1998Kyle WichertOklahoma State University
1999Jenny WangUniversity of Central Arkansas
2000Brian C FisherOklahoma State University
2001Jason HornOklahoma State University
2001Jeremy MarzuolaUniversity of Oklahoma
2002Jared M WilliamsHendrix College
2003Julian RosenUniversity of Oklahoma
2004Justin D ThomasUniversity of Oklahoma
2005Jeremy CrosmerHendrix College
2006Jeremy CrosmerHendrix College
2007Nick LittleOklahoma Christian University
2008Joe MitchellUniversity of Oklahoma
2009Haining WangHendrix College
2011Marcus VasquezUniversity of Oklahoma
2012Alexander RuffUniversity of Tulsa
2013Stephen MackeUniversity of Tulsa