Summer 1995 Newsletter


Another Arkansan in Washington

The latest Arkansan to head to Washington D.C. is Bob Eslinger. During his sabbatical year as visiting professor for the Mathematical Association of America Bob will serve as Interim Director of the Department of Member Services and Programs. Bob and Denise will be living in Alexandria, Virginia and Bob can be reached at the M.A.A. Headquarters at 1529 Eighteenth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036-1385. You can send e-mail to Bob at or

Student Talks

This spring Hendrix students gave undergraduate research presentations at two conferences: the Hendrix-Rhodes-Sewanee Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium at The University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee and the Oklahoma-Arkansas Section Meeting of the Mathematical Association of America in Weatherford, Oklahoma.

Six students gave presentations at the MAA meeting: Jac Cole, sophomore, "An Introduction to Elliptical Curves"; Rusty Frizzell, senior, "Computational Geometry and Plane Sweep Algorithms"; Kevin Hutson, senior, "Conjugacy Classes of Triple Products in Finite Groups"; Wade Satterfield, junior, "Subgroup Diagrams and GAP"; Lars Seme, senior, "Automorphisms of Hasse Subgroup Diagrams for Cyclic and Dihedral Groups"; and Donna Sword, junior, "Images and Inverse Images of Iterates of the Line Graph Operators."

Jac, Rusty, Lars and Donna also spoke at the Hendrix-Rhodes-Sewanee meeting where the hightlight was the grilled veggie burgers.

New Computer Scientist

Computer scientist Rob Hasker has been hired as Bob Eslinger's one year sabbatical replacement and as Hendrix College's first academic computer scientist. Rob received his Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Illinois in 1994 and his undergraduate degree from Wheaton College. Since earning his degree, Rob has worked as a programming consultant in Champaign, Illinois. Rob and his wife Jill have just arrived in Conway and are expecting their first child in September.

During this academic year the department will conduct a search to fill a tenure-track position in computer science.

Donna Sword

Dr. J. Sutherland Frame with Donna Sword.

I recently attended the summer joint mathematics meeting in Burlington, Vermont. While I was there, I presented some research I began last winter, titled "Images and Inverse Images of Iterates of the Line Graph Operator."

This trip was very educational for me. I not only learned about mathematics from the talks I attended, but I was able to speak with mathematicians such as Dr. J. Sutherland Frame about their past and present research. In addition, through my conversations I gained knowledge of the many careers open to people in mathematics.

Although the meeting was very beneficial for me, the paper I presented is still incomplete. I plan to continue my work with line graphs as my senior project. Donna Sword '96

Apologies & Congradulations. . .

We apologize for the omission of Scott Wagner from our list of 1993-94 seniors in the last issue of Mathematics At Hendrix. Scott was identified in the photo but not in the article below the photo. Scott is currently working for Acxiom Corp. in Conway.

Our congratulations to both Scott and Carissa Hurst '94 whose undergraduate research projects were published in the most recent issue of the Pi Mu Epsilon Journal. The next issue will contain a paper by Lars Seme '95.

Best wishes are also in order for Dwayne Collins who earlier this summer began a four year term as Area Chair for the Natural Sciences Area at Hendrix.

1995 Seniors

From left to right: Tara Leslie, Lars Seme, Rusty Frizzell and Kevin Hutson.

Tara is working for Acxiom in Conway; Lars is in graduate school in mathematics at the Univ. of Missouri Rolla; Rusty is in graduate school in computer science at the Univ. of Tulsa; and Kevin is in graduate school in mathematics at Clemson.

Fresher Seminar

For the past two summers Dwayne Collins and David Sutherland have directed a summer mathematics seminar for interested students who have just completed their freshman year. One goal is to introduce the students to an area of mathematics which they otherwise would not study until their junior or senior years. The students also have fun and get to know each other better.

The summer seminar also gets the students off to an early start doing independent work and it appears to be a good transition to either undergraduate research projects or Ze'ev Barel's problem solving seminar which meets during the academic year. Last summer the students studied elliptical curves and this summer they have been studying Young's lattices.

Do you regcognize any of these PME folks?

If you have any old group photos you would loan us briefly, please send them to us for one of the next newsletters.

Ze'ev's Puzzle Corner

Find the sum of all irreducible fractions n/3 such that n/3 is strictly between 1000 and 2000.

Send your solution to Mathematics at Hendrix, Hendrix College, P.O. Box 3478, Conway, AR 72032 by December 1. Or send your solution directly to Ze'ev Barel by e-mail at We will randomly draw two names from those submitting correct solutions and send each a Hendrix coffee mug.