Fall 1996 Newsletter


And Then There Were Five...

After several years of anticipation the mathematics department is pleased to begin fall term with five full-time faculty members. In addition to the four tenured mathematics faculty, a tenure-track position in computer science has been filled.

We are excited to welcome Bob Eslinger back from his year long sabbatical in Washington as Interim Director of Member Services and Programs at the Mathematical Association of America headquarters. After a trip to Europe with sons David and Dan, Bob and Denice are back in Conway. We hope Bob enjoyed his year away because we are not going to let him leave again for a very long time.

Ali Kooshesh joins the department as assistant professor of computer science. Ali received a B.S. from Iran College of Science and Technology in 1976 and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in computer science from the University of New Mexico-Albuquerque in 1987 and 1992, respectively.

Ali's area of specialty is geometric and graph algorithm design and analysis. He taught previously at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green.

Ali's wife Janet is an Arkansas native and has begun working as a systems analyist at Arkansas Children's Hospital. Ali and Janet live in Little Rock with their two-year-old son Kameron.

Ze'ev Barel, Dwayne Collins and David Sutherland have all returned after busy summers. Rob Hasker, who held the temporary position in computer science last year during Bob's sabbatical is now in the computer science department at the University of Wisconsin at Platteville. We appreciate Rob's work in the department and wish much success to Rob, Jill and Benjamin.

Bob and Denice Eslinger at home in Washington's Blizzard of '96

Ali and Janet Kooshesh

Publication Awards

Each year the Pi Mu Epsilon Journal honors the three best student papers published in the previous year's issues of the journal. Awards for the 1994-95 year were announced recently. The first prize winner was Scott Wagner, '94, for "Group generators and subgroup lattices." Tied for second prize was Lars Seme, '95, for "Automorphisms of Hasse subgroup diagrams for cyclic groups." Congratulations to them both.

Computer Science

Beginning with the 1996 graduating class, Hendrix introduced minors. The minor in mathematics was available in 1996 and a minor in computer science will be available beginning this year. According to Natural Sciences Area Chair Dwayne Collins, "the new computer science minor shows Hendrix is committed to continued improvements in the computer science curriculum."

Several new courses have been added to complement the existing courses in programming, machine language and architecture, data structures, and computer science theory. The new courses include a fresher level Introduction to Computer Science, a junior level course in programming languages and a senior level course in advanced topics. The language used will shift from Pascal to Java and C++. Hardware includes Macs and X-terminals networked to our Unix server and the college's Windows NT server.

Student Talks

In the spring of 1996 Hendrix students gave undergraduate research presentations at three conferences: the National Conference on Undergraduate Research at the University of North Carolina Asheville,the Hendrix-Rhodes-Sewanee Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium at Rhodes College and the Oklahoma-Arkansas Section Meeting of the Mathematical Association of America at Westark Community College.

Donna Sword and Jennifer Powell presented their projects in Asheville. Donna's project was entitled "Images and Inverse Images of the Line Graph Operator" and Jennifer's project was "Writing Hypertext Laboratory Exercises for Mathematics Classes."

In addition to Donna and Jennifer, the following students spoke at the MAA meeting: Jac Cole, "Graphs of Groups and Subgroups"; Wade Satterfield, "Explorations of Graceful Graphs"; David Lee, "Development of Contest Ranking Schemes"; and Diana Hua, VThe Geometry of Origami.

All six students spoke at the Hendrix-Rhodes-Sewanee Symposium at Rhodes.

1996 Seniors

Donna Sword is spending a year touring North America and Europe with "Up With People" and Wade Satterfield is entering a graduate program in history at UCA.

Ze'ev's Puzzle Corner

New Problem: Find all three digit numbers n which are twelve times their sum of digits.

Send your solution to Mathematics at Hendrix, Hendrix College, P.O. Box 3478, Conway, AR 72032 by December 1. Or e-mail your solution directly to Ze'ev. We will randomly draw two names from those submitting correct solutions and send each a Hendrix coffee mug.

The problem in the last issue was to find the sum of all irreducible fractions n/3 where n/3 is strictly between 1000 and 2000. Six alums sent in the correct answer of 3,000,000: John Merrill, '80, Dwayne Johnson, '80, Lars Seme, '95, John Reed, '54, Sam Steel '59 and Susan Welch. Dwayne Johnson and John Reed will receive a Hendrix coffee mug.

Alumni News

Carol Smith Shumacher, '82, who teaches mathematics at Kenyon College, recently published a text entitled Chapter Zero. The text is designed for teaching a course concerning the introduction of proofs.

Lee Minor, '65, who teaches mathematics at Western Carolina University, wrote an article "Balancing Deductive and Empirical Methods in Calculus I" which appeared in the December 1995 issue of Primus.

In Memory

Tara Leslie Kortenbur, '95, died suddenly on September 17, 1996. Our condolences to her family and friends.