Summer 1998 Newsletter


Construction Begins

The Physical Sciences Building Project, a renovation of Reynolds Hall and the construction of a new building on the north side of Reynolds Hall, is moving forward. A preliminary agreement has been reached with Nabholz Construction Corporation and work to relocate utilitity lines has begun. The project is in two phases. Phase 1 is construction of the building's addition which more than doubles the square footage of the existing building. The addition will be located north of the existing building and will face the new library. At the bottom of the page is an artist's rendering of the result as viewed from the direction of Hulen Ballroom. Phase 2 includes a total renovationPhase 2 includes a total renovation of the existing building including opening all the original windows now covered by concrete panels. An atrium will connect the old and new parts of Reynolds and will contain additional stairwells. The brick stairwells (which had been added to the front of Reynolds in 1967) will be removed so that from the front Reynolds will be restored to its original design. Except for classrooms which will be located around the building, the mathematics and computer science facilities will be located on the top floor of the existing building. The drawing shows the arrangement of faculty offices, computer laboratories, classrooms and a resource area. We are excited about the plans and we will keep you posted on the progress.


National Stats

Did you know that between 1920 and 1995, thirty Hendrix students eventually received doctoral degrees in mathematics? The recently published 8th Edition of the Franklin & Marshall College Baccalaureate Origins of Doctoral Recipients ranks Hendrix as 36th among all four-year private U.S. institutions in terms of the number of students who eventually received doctoral degrees in mathematics. Are you one of the thirty? If you are, then drop us a line because we are interested in finding out who those thirty alums are.

Student Research Presentations

Hendrix mathematics and computer science students gave presentations at five conferences this year. Senior Martin Eckles presented his paper on computing cycle equivalent graphs at the Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing in Boca Raton, Florida. Martin was one of the very few undergraduate students to speak at this annual conference. Senior Blake Armstrong just returned from Toronto where she gave her presentation on women mathematicians at the combined national meetings of the MAA and Pi Mu Epsilon. Hendrix sent forty-nine students to NCUR '98 at the Univsity of Maryland- Salisbury. Five of these students gave talks in mathematics or computer science sessions: senior David Warren, junior John Kacher, junior Seth Harder, senior Shiloh Harder and senior Brian Raines. Ali Kooshesh and David Sutherland accompanied the students. [Actually Ali had the unenviable job of organizing the entire trip for the forty-nine students and five faculty members.]

Seniors Laura Brandebura and Marty Eckles and junior Seth Harder gave presentations at Rhodes College in Memphis for the annual Hendrix-Rhodes-Sewanee Mathematics Symposium. Nineteen students joined the mathematics and computer science faculty at UALR for the Oklahoma-Arkansas Section Meeting of the MAA. Seniors Brian Raines, Blake Armstrong, Laura Brandebura, Shane Wanamaker, David Warren and junior John Kacher gave presentations. Ze'ev Barel also gave a presentation on Levi ben Gershon. Bob Eslinger and Lars Seme each presided over a session at the meeting.

1998 Seniors


From left to right this year's seniors are Laura Brandebura, Blake Armstrong, Martin Eckles, Shiloh Harder, Brian Raines, David Warren, Jeff Johnston and Shane Wanamaker.


Ze'ev's Puzzle Corner


This issue does not have a new problem since Ze'ev will be on sabbatical during fall term. His sabbatical project involves the translation of Medieval Hebrew manuscripts into English and the interpretation of the mathematical results in 14th century mathematician, and Ze'ev will be traveling to Jerusalem to see some of his manuscripts. Jeff McLean, '66, and J. Ralph Reed, '54, solved the puzzle in the last issue and will receive Hendrix mugs.