2010-11 News

Dr. Campbell in Hendrix Web site's spotlight

Hendrix's Web site highlights mathematics faculty member Dr. Duff Campbell, discussing his career background and his experiences as a Hendrix professor since 2000. [Story] 20 Jul 2011

Class of '11 graduates

Today's commencement ceremonies honored 12 students graduating in department-related majors. In computer science were Kelly Attaway, Brett Geren, Malcolm McCrimmon, Albine Niwemugeni, and Savanna Sneeringer. In mathematics were Dana Callaway, Mireille Mutesi, Gilbert Ndayambaje, and Jay Porter. Matt Demmler and Whitney Maguffee graduated with both majors. And Winn Haynes completed a customized interdisciplinary major in bioinformatics. We congratulate our newest alumni and wish them well! 14 May 2011

Student awards presented

At Honors Day today, the college presented our departmental awards. Dana Callaway and Jay Porter received the Hogan Mathematics Award; Winn Haynes received the Parker Undergraduate Mathematics Research Award; Brett Geren, Winn Haynes, and Whitney Maguffee received the Eslinger Computer Science Award; and Vivian Dong, Sara Hales, and Grace Trees received the McHenry-Lane Freshman Mathematics Award. Departmental distinction went to Dana Callaway, Matt Demmler, Brett Geren, Winn Haynes, Whitney Maguffee, Gilbert Ndayambaje, and Jay Porter. Congratulations to all recipients! 28 Apr 2011

Students and faculty return from conference

At the 34th annual Hendrix-Rhodes-Sewanee Undergraduate Symposium, held April 8–9, at Rhodes College, two Hendrix students spoke about their senior projects at the symposium: Whitney Maguffee spoke on P vs NP: Proof Barriers, while Gilbert Ndayambaje talked on the Basics behind the Science of Hidden Information, Cryptography. Faculty members Dr. Camfield and and Dr. Campbell coordinated the trip. 11 Apr 2011

Seniors present projects April 4–6

Eleven seniors will present their senior projects Monday through Wednesday of next week, starting at 3:00 each day in MCRey 315. The students include five computer science majors, four mathematics majors, one student majoring in both, and one student completing an integrated studies major in bioinformatics. Full schedule. 1 Apr 2011

Student awarded Goldwater honorable mention

Mathematics sophomore Erik Istre was awarded honorable mention in the Goldwater Scholarship competition. The scholarship is the premier undergraduate award of its type in the fields of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering; it is an honor simply to be nominated as one of the top four students from Hendrix. The other three nominees from Hendrix — all juniors in other science disciplines — were awarded the Goldwater Scholarship. Of the 1,095 nominees selected by schools, 275 were awarded scholarships and 199 were awarded honorable mentions. 30 Mar 2011

Teams place first at state mathematics contest

Results are in from this year's Arkansas Undergraduate Mathematics Competition held on February 26 in Searcy, Arkansas. Twelve teams competed, representing six colleges from around Arkansas. For the sixth consecutive year, a team from Hendrix won first place. That team included Samuel Boren, Riley Capshaw, and Trang Nguyen. Another team from Hendrix won seventh; it included Erik Istre, Sreesh Reddy, and Dallas Tompkins. 29 Mar 2011

Programming team places first at ACM contest

The team of Becca Emrick, Brett Geren, and Jack Sudyka earned the top spot in Arkansas at the Mid-Central USA Regional ACM Programming Contest on November 6, 2010; they placed 16th in the overall five-state region out of 142 teams, the fourth best regional ranking ever achieved by a Hendrix team. Close behind them were the other Hendrix team of Matt Demmler, Domingo Galdos, and Whitney Maguffee, who solved just as many problems correctly but with a higher time; they placed 27th in the five-state region.

This good performance continues Hendrix's consistently strong performance: We rank sixth in average ranking over the previous five years, outflanked only by five large universities - University of Illinois (in Urbana-Champaign), University of Chicago, Washington University, Illinois State University, and the University of Kentucky. More information. 6 Nov 2010

Welcome, Dr. Camfield

We're pleased to welcome Chris Camfield as our newest tenure-track assistant professor of mathematics. Dr. Camfield received his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Cincinnati, and he completed his mathematics PhD there in 2008. For the last two years, he served as a visiting professor at Kenyon College. Dr. Camfield provides some much-needed expertise in mathematical analysis, specializing particularly in geometric measure theory and analysis on metric spaces. 8 Sep 2010

Upgrades to our computing facilities

Summer 2010 saw a substantial upgrade in all of the department's computing laboratories. All student Linux stations were replaced with new computers, while the Windows stations were upgraded so that Windows 7 could then be installed on them. Moreover, the lab used for CSCI/PHYS 135 saw dramatic improvements as well. The full list of changes. 24 Aug 2010