2011-12 News

Class of '12 graduates

Today's commencement ceremonies honored 9 students graduating in department-related majors. In computer science were Riley Capshaw, Becca Emrick, John Nelson Huffman, Alex Koeppel, and Jack Sudyka. In mathematics were Hannah Flatau, Luke Kressin, and Casey Wynn. And Ross Crocker completed a customized interdisciplinary major in applied mathematics. We congratulate our newest alumni and wish them well! Class photo… 12 May 2012

Student awards presented

At Honors Day today, the college presented our departmental awards. Hannah Flatau and Luke Kressin received the Hogan Mathematics Award; Casey Wynn received the Parker Undergraduate Mathematics Research Award; Alex Koeppel received the Eslinger Computer Science Award; and Quan Nguyen received the McHenry-Lane Freshman Mathematics Award. Departmental distinction went to Ross Crocker, Rebecca Emrick, Hannah Flatau, Alex Koeppel, Luke Kressin, Jack Sudyka, and Casey Wynn. Congratulations to all recipients! 26 Apr 2012

Students return from HRS conference

At the 35th annual Hendrix-Rhodes-Sewanee Undergraduate Symposium, held April 19–20, at Rhodes College, five Hendrix students presented:

  • Alex Koeppel: A System for the Identification of Speed Limit Signs
  • Kaleigh Clary: A Comparison of Self-Organizing Map and Growing Neural Gas Network Performance in the Context of Handwriting Recognition
  • Hannah Flatau: The Mathematics of the Mind: Gödelian Incompleteness and a priori Physicalism
  • Luke Kressin: The Properties of Border Strips on Ferrers Diagrams
  • Casey Wynn: Hypercyclic Operators in Hilbert Spaces

One other student, Dr. Burch, Dr. Camfield, and Dr. Campbell also attended. 20 Apr 2012

Seniors present projects April 1&2

Eleven seniors will present their senior projects Monday and Tuesday, starting at 3:10 today and 2:40 tomorrow in MCRey 315. The students include five computer science majors, three mathematics majors, and one completing an individualized major in applied mathematics. Full schedule. 2 Apr 2012

Twelve students travel to computer science conference

This weekend, seventh Hendrix students went to CCSC:MS, a regional computer science conference held this year at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. The students attended the conference, presented some of their own research papers, and competed in a programming contest. The student research papers were by Becca Emrick, Jack Sudyka, and Kyle Wilshusen, constituting three of the four student papers. The programming teams placed 3rd and 10th among the 14 teams competing; the third-place team included Riley Capshaw, Grace Dubiskas, and Alex Koeppel. Additionally, Dr. Ferrer was the tutorials chair and chaired a panel, while Dr. Burch was the Nifty Assignments chair and presented a nifty assignment and tutorial session. 2 Apr 2012

Student awarded Goldwater honorable mention

Mathematics junior Calvin Cochran was awarded honorable mention in the Goldwater Scholarship competition. The scholarship is the premier undergraduate award of its type in the fields of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering; it is an honor simply to be nominated as one of the top four students from Hendrix. The other three nominees from Hendrix included one who won a scholarship and a second student who won honorable mention. Of the 1,123 nominees selected by schools, 282 were awarded scholarships and 190 were awarded honorable mentions. 2 Apr 2012

Team places first at state mathematics contest

On February 25, Hendrix hosted the Arkansas Undergraduate Mathematics Competition. Eleven teams competed, representing six colleges from around Arkansas. For the seventh consecutive year, a team from Hendrix won first place. This year's first-place team included Vivian Dong, Giang Le, Quan Nguyen, and Xuanhua Wang. Another Hendrix team (Gary DeClerk, Hannah Flatau, Dallas Tompkins) placed sixth, and a third team (Samuel Boren, Riley Capshaw, John Huffman) placed tenth. 20 Mar 2012

Burch awarded Odyssey grant for summer program

Hendrix's Odyssey program awarded Dr. Burch a grant to offer a three-week session this summer in which eight students will design and develop a complete open-source software project. Their goal will be a JavaScript-enabled Web page that features an educational game for teaching children (grades 4–8) about designing the circuits that form the foundation of computers. The primary goal is for participants to get a hands-on experience with professional software development. Details about the program, including applications, will be announced in late February. 15 Nov 2011

Programming team places fourth at ACM contest

Two Hendrix teams traveled across town to UCA for the Mid-Central USA Regional ACM Programming Contest on November 5, a five-state contest involving over 140 teams. The team of Alex Koeppel, Benjamin Smith, and Jack Sudyka earned fourth place in Arkansas and 17th in the overall region; they solved five of the eight problems. Another team of Riley Capshaw, Kaleigh Clary, and Grace Dubiskas solved three problems, earning them 10th in Arkansas and 72nd overall.

This performance continues Hendrix's consistently strong performance: We rank seventh in average ranking over the previous five years, outflanked only by five large universities - University of Illinois (in Urbana-Champaign), University of Chicago, Washington University, Illinois State University, Illinois Institute of Technology, and the University of Kentucky. More information. 5 Nov 2011

Mathematics alum presents

Carol Schumacher, an alum of Hendrix's mathematics program and a mathematics professor at Kenyon College in Ohio, will present a talk entitled Books of Sand in MCRey 315 at 3:10pm on Friday, October 28. Her abstract: 'The book of Sand' in Argentinian writer Jorge Lui Borges' wonderful short story is an infinite book. The story gives us some clues as to the nature of the book but also leaves many questions for us to ponder. In this talk, Carol Schumacher will discuss several possible interpretations and use mathematics to help us learn more about those fantastical 'books of sand.' 19 Oct 2011

Computer science LinkedIn group launches

We've established the Computer Science @ Hendrix College group through LinkedIn.com. All alumni and students who work in computing-focused industries or who took several courses in Hendrix's computer science program are welcome to join. We hope that this turns into an opportunity for students and alumni to network with other, and to publicize computing job openings that might be of interest to job-seekers. [Group link] 16 Sep 2011

PME kicks off year with Game Night

Pi Mu Epsilon, the mathematics honor society, kicks off its year of activities this evening with a night featuring pizza and board games. The event is in Mills Library from 6pm to 9pm. All students with even a vague interest in mathematics are invited! 16 Sep 2011