2001 Senior Projects

n-Player Duels Where n=2,3,4,5

Ben Andrews
Project Advisor: Lars Seme
Distributed Computing: A Role-Playing Game

Scott Bell, Anthony Nguyen and Aaron Tolman
Project Advisor: Ali Kooshesh

Education in Mathematics

D. D. Davis
Project Advisor: Ze'ev Barel
Classification of Cwatsets Through Order 23

Ben Goodwin
Cwatsets Project Advisor: Gary Sherman (Rose-Hulman) Automorphisms Project Advisor: David Sutherland
The Development of an Architecture for Efficient Cross-hair Binarization of Images

Justin Hagemeier
Project Advisor: Dwayne Collins
De-Skewing Text Data by Hough Transforms

Tim Hofer
Project Advisor: Dwayne Collins
Children's Cognitive Development and the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics

Khiela Holmes
Project Advisor: Dwayne Collins
Tournament Digraphs and Reversing Numbers of Acyclic Digraphs

Sara Pennington
Project Advisor: David Sutherland
Wavelet Analysis: Applications to Image Processing and Feature Extraction

Adrienne Wells
Project Advisor: Dwayne Collins