CSCI 151 Final Project

You will complete a final project for CSCI 151 which gives you more practice with data structures and with large software projects.


The topic of the project is open-ended; the only requirements are:

The project is due at 5pm on Tuesday, May 7. During the officially scheduled CSCI 151 final exam slot from 8:30-11:30am, each group will give a 10 minute presentation/demo of their project.

The requirements for the presentation:


I realize that it can be overwhelming trying to come up with an appropriate project when the requirements are so open-ended. I suggest trying to connect the project to some other topic you are interested in. Please come and discuss with me—I am happy to help brainstorm project ideas, or to figure out how to take your idea and fashion it into an appropriately-sized project.

What to turn in

You should turn in:


The projects will be evaluated according to the following criteria. Each will count for 25% of the total grade.