What I am up to right now (updated weekly; last update: 16 February 2018). Inspired by Derek Sivers.

I live in Conway, Arkansas with my wife and two sons (ages 7 years and 17 months), where I am an assistant professor of computer science at Hendrix College.


This semester I am teaching two courses:


I enjoy solving problems on Open Kattis, for fun, learning, and as preparation for teaching Algorithms and coaching the Hendrix programming team.

I’m helping put together the CCSC Mid-South programming contest which will be held in mid-April.

Chris Chalmers has been working on an rewrite of some of the core functionality of the diagrams library, which will allow for things like traversals over diagrams and diagram edits; get rid of the backend type parameter for diagrams (which was more of a nuisance than a help); and incidentally split out all the purely geometric parts of the library into a separate package. At the moment I’m helping with feedback, documentation, and so on.

I’m in the middle of a very long series of blog posts on The Math Less Traveled exploring primality testing algorithms, and have been lately following a few other tangents as well.

I continue to work on disco, a functional teaching language for discrete mathematics I’ve been developing. At the moment I am focused mostly on developing a coherent story around built-in collection types (lists, bags, and sets).

Kenny Foner and I are working on an extended version of our ICFP paper, “What’s the Difference? A Functional Pearl on Subtracting Bijections” for submission to the Journal of Functional Programming.


Things I’m reading right now (some more sporadically than others):