What I am up to right now (updated weekly; last update: 11 December 2018). Inspired by Derek Sivers.

I live in Conway, Arkansas with my wife and two sons (ages 7 years and 14 months), where I am an assistant professor of computer science at Hendrix College.


This semester I have been teaching 3 full-credit classes:

Most of my energy this fall has been going towards preparing for, teaching, and grading these courses. The semester is almost over! This week is the final push to get everything graded, and then I can start thinking about other projects (and the spring semester of course).


I have a few projects still hobbling along, although I haven’t had as much time or energy for them at the moment.

I try to keep solving a few problems on Open Kattis now and then, for fun, learning and as preparation for teaching Algorithms and coaching the Hendrix programming team.

I’m in the middle of a series of blog posts on The Math Less Traveled exploring primality testing algorithms.


Things I’m reading right now (some more sporadically than others):