What I am up to right now (updated weekly; last update: 2 December 2019). Inspired by Derek Sivers.

I live in Conway, Arkansas with my wife and two sons (ages 8 and 2), where I am an assistant professor of computer science at Hendrix College.


This semester I am teaching three courses: Foundations of Computer Science, Algorithms, and our Senior Seminar. The semester is wrapping up in the next few weeks.

My attention is starting to turn to Discrete Mathematics, which I’ll be teaching for the first time this spring. Unfortunately I care deeply about the course and have a lot of strong opinions about how it should be taught, which means I’ll be making a lot of work for myself.


I’ve been working lately on a functional pearl to explain/derive Fenwick trees in functional programming terms.

After many years Jacques Carette and I are rebooting a collaboration around combinatorial species and some of the results in my thesis. We think there is a nice paper in there, but using a story that starts from a very different point of view than my thesis. We’ll see where it goes!

I enjoy solving problems on Open Kattis, for fun, learning, and as preparation for teaching Algorithms and coaching the Hendrix programming team. I’ve also started a series of blog posts on how to solve competitive programming problems in Haskell.

For several years, off and on, I’ve been working on an English translation of André Joyal’s paper introducing combinatorial species, with additional commentary providing background and context.

I continue to write on my math blog The Math Less Traveled, and on my academic blog. Most recently I’ve been finishing a LONG overdue series of posts on a combinatorial proof. I’ve also written a bunch about primality testing algorithms and may get back to that at some point. I’m also writing some posts about doing competitive programming in Haskell.


Things I’m reading right now: