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What's the Difference? A Functional Pearl on Subtracting Bijections (ICFP '18)
Brent A. Yorgey and Kenneth Foner
How to Twist Pointers without Breaking Them (Haskell '16)
Satvik Chauhan, Piyush P. Kurur and Brent A. Yorgey
Diagrams: A Functional EDSL for Vector Graphics (FARM '15)
Ryan Yates and Brent A. Yorgey
Polynomial Functors Constrained by Regular Expressions (MPC '15)
Dan Piponi and Brent A. Yorgey
Combinatorial Species and Labelled Structures (PhD dissertation)
Brent A. Yorgey
Monoids: Theme and Variations (Functional Pearl) (Haskell '12)
Brent A. Yorgey
Giving Haskell a Promotion (TLDI '12)
Brent A. Yorgey, Stephanie Weirich, Julien Cretin, Simon Peyton Jones, Dimitrios Vytiniotis, and José Pedro Magalhães
Binders Unbound (ICFP '11)
Stephanie Weirich, Brent A. Yorgey, and Tim Sheard
Species and Functors and Types, Oh My! (Functional Pearl) (Haskell '10)
Brent A. Yorgey