For Students

Dr. Yorgey’s (opinionated) tips on being a successful remote learner

Actually, most of these tips apply whether remote or not, but they are especially important now!

Letters of reference

If you’re thinking of asking me for a letter of reference (which I am generally happy to write), please read this guide.


I’m always looking for motivated students who are interested in pursuing an independent study or research project. Below are some ideas which I’d love to have students work on. Many of these may be appropriate as either a senior project/thesis or as a summer research project.

Recreational mathematics and computation

These projects would be particularly appropriate for students interested in both computer science and mathematics.

Visual communication and embedded domain-specific languages

Many of my ideas for research projects in this space center around diagrams, a domain-specific language, embedded in Haskell, for creating vector graphics. If you are generally interested in visual communication or domain-specific languages, I encourage you to play around with it—there are many other good ideas for projects we could come up with, other than the specific ideas listed here.

Combinatorics and formalized mathematics

Independent study topics

Here are some suggested topics on which I’d be willing and able to supervise an independent study. Come talk to me if you’re interested (better yet, bring some friends).